Ray Buckton Fitness was established in 2009, with services specialising in helping individuals, especially those working in the city with limited time, improve their nutrition and lifestyle in order to improve their body composition, health, vitality and productivity.


Alongside bespoke nutrition guidance, RB Fitness also offers training services focussed on resistance and functional training as well as strength and conditioning in order to help individuals build balanced and functional physiques, all whilst improving energy levels and creating a better balance in their lives. 

Ray is based at Gymbox in Farringdon, London, as well as consulting with clients online. He has also had the privilege of extending his services overseas working with clients in the USA & the Middle East. 

Having competed as an elite athlete and completed a Batchelor of Science Degree in Sports Performance from the University of Bath, Ray has unrivalled experience & know how in the field of health and fitness. He has also had the privilege of attending courses by some of the best coaches & experts in the industry.


These include Biochemistry courses with the likes of Rehan Jelali and Callum Gore, as well as being heavily influenced by the likes of Charles Poliquin and Paul Chek. Learning from such great minds has grounded his knowledge & enabled him to help many hundreds of clients reach their health & fitness goals.

Ray has also had the opportunity to reach a wider audience by being invited to write health & fitness related articles for various online magazines, including, & as well as writing various articles for


He has also released an e-book, the LEAN BODY GUIDE Vol.1, which is a comprehensive nutrition, lifestyle and exercise program designed to help readers gain a better understanding of their internal biochemistry, and learn how to optimally lose unwanted body fat in a sustainable way.

Ray has become one of the most sought after nutrition and body composition specialists based in the City of London, and is regularly invited by businesses, including LVMH ( and Karmarama (, to present talks to their staff to discuss all areas regarding health, fitness and lifestyle.


To build upon these relationships, in 2017, Ray Buckton Fitness has devised The FITWORKS program. The FITWORKS program is a bespoke workplace wellness and lifestyle management service designed to increase awareness, engagement and accountability with individuals and company employees with regards to their health, vitality and fitness. This protocol is the most comprehensive wellness program available, and is incredibly effective at engaging staff with their health - something which is proving to be more vital as we continue to see a rise in lifestyle related illnesses. A happy and healthy workforce is a productive workforce!

If you would like to adopt the FITWORKS protocol for your business, please enquire at or head to for more information.

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