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If you are interested in fitness and inquisitive about how you can improve your body, there is a good chance that you have probably come across the notion of 'Cheat meals'.


However, the chances are that you are probably oblivious to the science behind a cheat meal and see it as nothing more than a treat for being such an angel and sticking to your diet all week. Well, that treat has more benefits and purpose than you realise and skipping that treat could potentially cause more harm than good! So let me share with you the science and give you the best excuse ever to scoff that Dominoes Pizza this weekend! 

Cheat meals should revolve around one major factor, and that is the level of LEPTIN HORMONE the body is producing. Leptin is otherwise known to us fitness folk as the "Anti Starvation Hormone" and it helps to regulate the amount of body fat us humans carry. The higher the body fat, the higher the Leptin levels and vice-versa. During prolonged periods of dieting, Leptin correlates to lower levels. Within the first week of a diet, studies have shown levels can reduce as much as 50%. As this drops, so do the levels of LIVER GLYCOGEN which then lowers the level of other very important hormones such as Testosterone, Oestrogen, T3 and Growth Hormone. Not only that, but this will also drive up the levels of Cortisol levels (the stress hormone), which has the much undesired effect of making you fat! Women are shown to shut down menstrual cycles with low Leptin levels as a result of this suppression of hormone production. This process will stop fat burning and do the complete opposite; storage of fat! 

THIS IS WHY CHEAT MEALS RAISE LEPTIN LEVELS AND PREVENT THIS PROCESS! By consuming a large carbohydrate "cheat meal", this process is reversed and Leptin levels rise due to a direct correlation with the rise in carbohydrates and insulin secretion caused by a large feeding. This sets Leptin levels back up high and let's the body keep dieting on lower calories again, making it actually more effective at burning fat than it was with the lower Leptin levels. It will also be highly beneficial to take this cheat meal in after a vigorous workout. This is because it will help muscle growth and inter muscular glycogen retention and leave less room to store fat as blood sugar levels are already very low post workout. I'd recommend one cheat meal a week for anybody trying to drop body fat. So don't feel so guilty next time you are tucking in to an epic cheat meal that is so far Off Piste from your nutrition plan you might as well be on a different mountain! That Pizza has never looked so appetising! 

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