The importance of strong glutes

The demand for a great bum nowadays is greater than ever.


A pert bum on a women helps to give her a feminine figure and the much-desired hourglass shape, whilst strong glutes on a man give balance to a built upper body and give an athletic look. Believe it or not, many women these days are even opting for implants and injections to get the perfect bum; a little crazy if you were to ask me! Especially as getting a great bum is fairly simple if you have the know-how. So if you haven’t got thousands of pounds to splash of surgery, fear not (and thank the lord that you are not crazy), as this article will give you the tools to build a great posterior.


The Gluteus Maximus is the biggest muscle in the body and does way more than just catch the eye of ogling strangers. Most strength and conditioning coaches and athletes usually consider the gluteal muscles to be the most important muscle group in the body. A strong derriere is needed for an array of reasons. It is the powerhouse of the human body, and helps with movements such as sprinting, jumping, twisting and cutting from side-to-side. Strong glutes tend to coincide with good core strength, which is the foundation to a healthy and strong body. They are part of a group called the posterior chain muscles, which include your lower back, your hamstrings (back of your legs) and of course your glutes. This group helps with movements like bending over and straightening your back. If you have ever had lower back pain, it is probably as a result of a weakness in this chain of muscles. This is also true for knee pain, which is commonly caused as a result of weak glutes, core and a weak posterior chain.


So how do you exercise these bad boys I hear you ask??


Well, I have outlined 3 exercises that I feel are the most effective at building a pert, toned, strong and powerful derriere. These are all compound movements, which means they incorporate more than one muscle group, which makes them very effective for building muscle and burning fat at the same time. Win win!


However, be cautious in your approach to these exercises and start with very light weights to ensure you perform them with correct technique. Without proper guidance and with poor technique, you will not hit the target muscles (mainly the glutes in this case) and you will more than likely injure yourself! You have been warned, now lets get on with it.

1) The Squat

The Squat should be at the heart of any exercise program. It is a challenging movement and only the hard-core actually enjoy doing them, which means the squat is often a neglected exercise. However, if you have a strong squat you will definitely develop great core strength, a strong posterior chain and, of course, a shapely bottom!

2) The Deadlift


In my experience, the deadlift has often been viewed as a predominantly male exercise, with women not seeing them as necessary in their workout (they have probably been put off by blokes who grunt their way through sets of them whilst slamming weights on the floor). However, if you can master the deadlift, it is an unbelievable exercise for overall body strength and toning your behind.

3) Two handed Kettlebell swing

Kettlebell’s have been around for a few years now and gyms are starting to stock them a lot more as the popularity of them grows, which is great, as they can boost your bum-toning ability ten-fold. This can also be done with a dumbbell if you haven’t got access to kettlebell’s.​

With all of the exercises above, I would strongly suggest seeing a specialist to guide you on how to execute them with proper technique. As mentioned before, these are tricky movements and if they are executed with poor technique then injury will be inevitable and you will not target the right muscles.

If you do master them and make them the focus of your workouts, I guarantee you will be sporting a great behind, toned thigh’s and a tight midriff in no time!

For more information on how to get a strong and toned bum or to book personal training sessions, please do not hesitate to contact me either via my contacts page or on 07747753288.

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