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 The NUTRITIONAL SECRETS to losing body fat WITHOUT counting calories or macronutrients! 

Imagine being able to drop body fat without worrying about calories and macronutrients..


Wouldn't it be amazing being able to get leaner whilst getting stronger and feeling more energetic at the same time?


Imagine not having to cut out all of the foods you love and still improving your body shape..


How would it make you feel to be in the best shape of your life, and having the knowhow to stay in shape for the rest of your life?


With some simple knowhow, you could be looking and feeling better than ever! Some people using this guide have lost over 10% body fat in just 12 weeks! Not bad for making some very easy tweaks in their lifestyle and food choices!

This is the first and only complete guide that teaches you about the relationship between hormones and fat loss. 


It is the only guide that offers a sustainable approach to fat loss - get lean and stay lean!


It is written by Ray Buckton, a nutrition and body composition specialist who has worked with clients worldwide. 


It is the only guide that offers an alternative to counting macronutrients and calories and includes an easy to follow exercise program that caters for all abilities and experience. 

When you read the Lean Body Guide, you will discover how to manipulate your hormones through your nutrition and lifestyle choices, which means you will know what foods to eat and when, turning your body into a fat burning machine!


You will find a solution to dropping body fat without counting a single calorie or eliminating the foods you enjoy so that you can get on with getting leaner without the stress or restriction of a typical fat loss guide.


Do you have a structure and focus when you train? This is the key when you step in the gym and this guide supply's you with a full 12 week, easy to follow exercise program suitable and adaptable for all abilities!


Not sure on what the exercises are or how to do them? Don't worry, there is a video that you can view for EVERY exercise on the guide so that you will always get the form correct and maximise your time and effort when exercising! 


There are countless meal plan templates and recipes written for various lifestyles and routines, which means that you will have inspiration for your meals and you will know how to piece meals together, from the moment you wake up all the way through to bed time! 


This guide is packed full of tips from how to deal with eating out, eating on the move, what to snack on and travelling, so that you always stay on track and continue to get lean!





You will have unlimited access to Ray Buckton himself! Clients pay thousands of pounds to work with Ray from all over the world, but you can gain complete online coaching and guidance from Ray with one simple click!




This guide will include a structured and focussed 12 week exercise program suitable and adaptable for all abilities written by Ray Buckton worth £50 from




This guide will include a detailed and comprehensive nutrition plan designed to shred body fat which is easy to follow and stick to written by Ray Buckton worth £50 from



‘I was hungry, grumpy and podgy about 80% of the time! Now I feel and look the best I ever have and am a total convert’



‘I don’t mean to sound hyperbolic but the Lean Body Guide has helped me to change my entire life, giving me the confidence and tools I needed to keep making progress’


‘The Lean Body Guide is clear and concise about everything fitness related, it will clear up any fad ‘diet’ advise you have found on the internet and if you follow its advise you are sure to see great results!’


‘With well structured training combined with good advice on what you can do outside of the gym regarding lifestyle and diet has led me to being in a very good state of mind and the fittest I have ever been in my life!"



If you are not happy with this product, just contact Ray Buckton Fitness and receive a full 100% refund! I am that certain that you will find the information in this guide invaluable that I am happy to offer a lifetime guarantee! So there is no risk for you at all! 

Just click on the link below to go through to the secure payment system, and in just a few moments you could have the most innovative fat loss secrets in the palm of your hand! 


If you've always wanted to have access to a fitness professional but it has always been unaffordable for you, NOW is your opportunity! Ray Buckton is available to guide and support every user of the Lean Body Guide to ensure they get maximal results! So don't miss out on this amazing offer and download the Lean Body Guide now! 

Copyright © 2017 by Ray Buckton
All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof
may not be reproduced, shared or used in any manner whatsoever
without the express written permission of Ray Buckton Fitness
except for the use of brief quotations in a review.

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