Whether you are looking for a great beach body or are trying to improve your sporting performances, every session plan and program I create is completely unique and is determined by the results of an initial consultation.


This consultation will consist of gaining a better understanding of your ie: your lifestyle, your fitness goals, likes and dislikes and current statistics. From here I can create a realistic, enjoyable and individual plan which, if followed, will ensure you reach your health and fitness goals.

I work from Gymbox (Farringdon, Central London), which is one of the best equipped gyms in London, enabling me to use a variety of exercises and training methods to maximise your results.

Below is further information in my specialist areas.



Notice how this section is called ‘Fat loss’ and not the generic ‘Weight loss’. Any good trainer knows that these are two very different things. I have vast experience in creating programs that can greatly reduce your body fat percentage which will make your body look more toned and leave you feeling more healthy.


I use a mixture of high intensity exercises and training techniques which rev up your metabolism which will ensure your body not only burns unwanted calories whilst training, but also whilst resting, which is key to reducing body fat.




If you are looking to maximise your lean muscle gains or better your personal best on the bench press, I can help! I have vast experience in creating muscle building and strength plans, using the principles of training and unique exercise techniques, which will go beyond your usual training plan. 


My plans are designed to overcome all plateaus and to pack on noticeable muscle in all the right places in record time. This is because I leave nothing to chance and cover every single variable vital to achieving rapid muscular growth.



I can give advice & offer you a personalised nutrition plan, which will have you on your way to the perfect you. My nutrition plan will not leave you hungry but it will achieve results so you can look your best.


Nutrition is often considered the most important factor when trying to improve your health and fitness, and is consequently the biggest stumbling block. Having studies bio-chemistry from some of the best in the business, I am well informed to give you tips that are realistic, sustainable and will make incredible differences to your health and fitness gains.




If you have reached a plateau in your sporting performances, fear not, I can help you.


If you are looking to pack on a bit of muscle for the football pitch or improve your endurance in the pool, I can create strength and conditioning programs that will improve your results.


Using my extensive knowledge of biomechanics and physiology, I can adapt exercises to maximise their effectiveness in relation to your sport and your specific needs.



There are many reasons why you may fail or struggle to achieve your health and fitness goals; tiredness, the overwhelming feeling off a busy gym, lack of willpower & motivation or finding time for yourself if you have a busy lifestyle. I will motivate and keep you focused on the end result.


If you have specific requirements like health conditions, injuries or training goals I will create an individualised fitness plan and work with you to achieve your goals. Working with me is more efficient as you will be spending less time doing inefficient exercises and more time on results focused fitness training.



In your initial consultation, I will take an array of different measurements, including blood-pressure, body part measurements, weight and height to determine your body mass index, as well as fitness test which will help me determine where we are starting from.


I can also measure your body fat percentage if deemed necessary. These measurements are also used and an objective measurement to monitor your progress.

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