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Gymbox Farringdon Personal Trainer





As someone in my late forties, running my own company, I felt I needed some help in developing a training programme that would help me lose some weight and help with my stress levels.

With Ray I have managed to achieve those goals and go on to achieve new goals that Ray gave me.

His professional approach and knowledge of what programmes to create for me at my stage of life have been excellent.

Combined with good advice on what you can do outside of the gym regarding lifestyle and diet has led me to being in a very good state of mind and the fittest I have ever been in my life.

He also makes the sessions fun and I actually do look forward to every workout!



I hit the age of 40 and although generally fit I realised that I had lost definition overall was starting to feel 40. Tired and lazy.

Therefore I reached out to Ray to help me at least keep the impending pot belly at bay and get back to feeling energised. 

Ray's programs are focused. He listens to what you want to achieve, tailors the program, diet too and then doesn't let you off. The few sessions made me realise that the "generally fit" was in fact a pleasant day dream and hard work was in front of me. He  makes it challenging, pushes you for one more and makes you want to work harder for him and for yourself.

Ray also educates you throughout. From glycemic index values of blueberries to how your body develops and that although you hate leg day, it's the most important day for so many reasons. I still hate it but I now do it.

DERRICK DUNNE 44 - CEO (Sanlam Four)


Ray is a very diligent and persistent personal trainer.  I started working with him nearly two years ago and am very pleased with the improvements I have made to by body composition and general fitness.  The training program constantly changes ensuring it remains fresh.....and challenging! I thoroughly recommend his services and anyone looking to take their fitness to a new level need look no further.



I highly recommend Ray. If you want great results you will achieve them with him. When I first started training with Ray I barely knew anything about fitness. Ever since then I've completely changed not only how I train but also have a better understanding of how to nourish my body and the biggest part being the mental side of fitness. Ray will push you past what you thought you couldn't do and he's always full of positive advice to help you towards your goals. Ray is clear and concise about everything fitness related, he will clear up any fad 'diet' advise you have found on the internet and if you follow his advise you are sure to see great results!



I have been training with ray for the best part of 2 years now. 

What I particularly like about Ray was not only is he a consummate professional & expert in his field, but he helped me establish better habits with diet, sleep patterns & general priorities

While the physical changes are almost immediate, the physiological effects are long standing. 


I’d recommend Ray to anybody. In fact, 2 of my close friends started seeing Ray based on results they saw in me.



I decided to start training with Ray in a bid to tone up and shift stubborn fat since my usual exercise routine wasn’t cutting it!  Working with Ray was brilliant – he was encouraging and supportive and pushed me to work harder each week.  I couldn’t believe how quickly my strength and fitness improved and this is 100% down to Ray’s expert knowledge and commitment to ensuring that my programme was tailored to get me to achieve exactly what I had set out to do.  


Ray was a pleasure to work with, always upbeat with an infectious “rearing-to-go” attitude that was a great help…especially for the early morning sessions!  I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Ray as a PT to anyone wanting to achieve their goals and willing to put in the work to get there.



I started training with Ray because I got a point where I was eating and drinking too much. I needed a step change to remove the rubbish from my diet and get my body into a place where I'd be happier. All those really tasty burgers, sausage rolls and lack of veggies had begun to take its toll! A recommendation from someone at work 'If you are serious about training and want to see great results, have a chat to Ray' So I did. 

We agreed a workout and nutrition plan which still meant I could have a dose of 'craving foods' at the weekend but used the nutrition plan during the I tried it. 

Personally I'm extremely happy with what I've achieved....within 6 months of training I've lost over 12% of body fat (starting at 29%) and lost over 10 kilos in weight...but it's not just the physical results, my eating habits have vastly improved which I'm extremely pleased about. Ray makes you think and inspires you to change a few's worked and long may it continue! 

Ray is an extremely approachable and has friendly manner (even when his putting you through your paces! )


His attitude rubs off on you straight away, and if you can't do a press up at the start (like me!) he doesn't make you feel weak, just encourages you which is amazing...Trust is important when looking for a PT and I have that in buckets for Ray, what he said when we started, has all been true and I respect that. Personally I feel Ray can help on all levels, no matter where you are physically at the start. 




In my view, what sets Ray apart from other personal trainers is that he is very articulate at explaining the rationale behind all of the workout plans which he sets for you; I always found that understanding why I am doing what I am doing in the gym made the exercise routine far more motivational. He also takes a very personal interest in your progress and regularly takes time to shake up the programme to ensure that you keep making improvements and never get bored. Each programme always seems to be tailor made to suit my goals, my expectations and designed in a way so that I can personally enjoy it. Other than that, he is also a pleasure to be around whilst training (even at 7am on a Monday morning) and he has great personality!




Ray is quite simply the best PT I've ever worked with. His knowledge of nutrition and how to maximise your time in the gym is phenomenal. His style of motivation is firm but fair - and he's especially good on those days when you'd probably rather skip a session for a burger and chips! 


Ray + dedication = results.



I first got in touch with Ray as I wanted to get fit for a Ski trip. I didn't have long but Ray successfully got me strong and fit in time, my Skiing was much better than previous years along with my stamina. Then when I became pregnant I asked him to devise a plan to help keep me strong through my pregnancy and hopefully give me less work to rebuild my old self on the other side.


Rays personalised work outs were very considerate and made a huge difference! I was back in my old jeans quicker than i had expected! Ray takes a very educated and professional approach to training, he is also very calm but still pushes you to get great results.



 started working with Ray after noticing a few of my colleagues making great progress with their body shape after training with him..I had also seen pictures of his 6 pack which were a great inspiration for me! I was impressed with his professional manner and excellent knowledge from the get-go and he was very attentive to my needs, tailoring a personalised exercise and nutrition program to help me achieve my goals. In the time we worked together, my strength and body shape improved dramatically. He has a firm but fair approach and is a great character to be around. If you are serious about improving your health and fitness, be sure to contact Ray! 





I started training with Ray in summer 2013 and haven’t looked back since. As a runner who often suffered from stress fractures – I was looking to improve my overall body composition and running technique in order to improve performance and reduce injury. Ray’s personal training is unique because he has a deep understanding of the science and mechanics of the human body which, I have learned, is essential to getting results.

Ray’s programmes are tough and help you realize physical potential you never imagined you had. On top of this he provides excellent nutritional advice to complement your training and goals. Most importantly he is a genuinely kind and fun person who you are happy to spend an hour with.

Since training with Ray I have been injury free and have significantly improved on my race results. I have gained so much confidence with my running that I am taking on my biggest challenge and running the NYC Marathon this year. I couldn’t recommend him enough to anyone who is looking to get serious with their training and performance.



I started training with Ray after another of his clients introduced me. I booked a session, which included a body fat analysis and a nutrition plan to follow. 

Having attended a single session I was so impressed I overhauled my eating habits to follow the diet Ray recommended and have been seeing him regularly for the last 12 months. 

I have seen great results - dropping from 24% body fat to 15% now and continuing to fall.  I'm also much stronger, lifting much heavier weights and looking better. 

Ray is highly knowledgeable on physiology and nutrition. He is an expert at creating both nutrition and exercise plans that ensure maximum impact yet remain achievable. 

I would recommend Ray to anybody without hesitation. He is a very reliable and dedicated professional with excellent knowledge and a very calm yet determined demeanour. He has transformed my attitude to eating and exercise and I feel better than ever. 



Ray was recommended to me by a friend, I had seen my friend visibly change over the previous 6 months and thought maybe this is a PT that actually can make a difference. Too many times I had seen PTS that will go

Easy on you for the last few reps or spend most of their time looking at their phone.


Ray is very knowledgeable about not only the best exercises but also the correct nutrition and can tailor programmes specific to your needs. Be prepared to work extremely hard and have fun and see the results because of it. I achieved my lowest body fat percentage ever after only a few months with Ray and I have improved my strength and conditioning all round. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Ray to anyone looking to change their body and lead a healthier lifestyle.



I started training with Ray as after one too many takeaways, I needed to change my body but I had no idea how and it was a totally daunting prospect, so I needed help!  I wanted to build muscle and get lean and from looking at Ray's credentials I thought he would know how to help.


Ray put me at absolute ease from the moment we met. Listening to me and really understanding what I wanted to achieve, as well as giving me the confidence to believe it was possible. He rapidly developed a training and nutrition plan which fitted my needs exactly and due to that I had instant and long lasting results.  He was also there for me at times of self-doubt or when I didn't feel like I was getting anywhere and he basically became my life coach for a while! He was also constantly analysing me during workouts and adjusting my routine accordingly, to help me make even faster progress. Always explaining and demonstrating the workouts and not just telling me what to do but also exactly why I had to do it.


I don't mean to sound hyperbolic but Ray has helped me to change my entire life, giving me the confidence and tools I needed to keep making progress. From a couch slob to a healthy and happy person in a ridiculously short period of time. He constantly pushed me but always knew exactly how far my body could go, and together we have made a lot of progress. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anybody who wants to make progress with their body and health, whatever the current level they're at you will get results with him.





Ray was recommended to me by James Alexander-Ellis, a well-respected WBFF Pro/Fitness Model, who is also a trainer that is based at Gymbox.  What a recommendation!

Starting out with Ray was easy as I have already been converted to HIIT and weight training (c’mon girls – get with this training!!). 


He started off by discussing exactly what I wanted to get out of my training and also what my first initial target would be.  As my training has developed over the year, he has adapted the programmes for my progress and I have gone from 29% body fat to 19% in about a year!!  This is incredible and I am looking and feeling the best that I ever have in my life (I am 35!)


I’m so happy that Ray is my PT; he is friendly, funny, encouraging, yet firm with me when he pushes me to carry on.  I would recommend him to anyone (as long as that means he still has time for me!). We also laugh a lot in the hour of training that we have and surely that’s got to burn lots more calories too!



I started seeing Ray after another January of looking myself in the mirror and surveying the damage of Christmas. I was getting married in the summer and decided that if I was ever going to get fit then this was the time to do it. I've never been particularly confident in gyms and always lost interest or got disheartened pretty quickly so a PT seemed like a good way to go. Ray stood out as someone friendly, approachable and hugely qualified.

I wanted to lose fat and tone up a little, at first my objectives were small as I didn't have that much confidence I would stick to the programme, but after 7 months my confidence has come on in bounds and I'm now preparing my beach body for my honeymoon!


Ray is first and foremost a thoroughly nice bloke, who really knows his stuff. His programmes have always been varied and challenging and I've never got bored. He's always been honest with me about how much I need to put in but equally when I've done as instructed I've always got the results he's promised. His nutrition advice has been easily the most important thing as I never knew I could eat a diet that would be tasty, filling and have me shedding fat like nothing else.


I used to firmly put myself in the 'hopeless at any sport camp' and used to use extreme diets to try and control my weight. I was hungry, grumpy and podgy about 80% of the time! Now I feel and look the best I ever have and am a total convert to the principles of eating sensibly, working out intensely and enjoying the benefits they bring.



I was looking to lose fat after gaining a considerable amount of fat/weight.  I tried cycling and exercise programmes from website articles before Ray.  None of them achieved any real sustainable results.   When I started training with Ray my fitness levels were poor and I was weighing almost 15st!


I’ve had PTs before but none brought the professionalism and knowledge Ray has demonstrated. Ray’s personality and approach to training is infectious; he builds your confidence up and particularly looks at a sustainable approach to lifestyle changes.  He is approachable outside of sessions which was important for me to maintain the healthy nutrition choices.  I could text/email Ray for advice on nutrition which made a big difference as I didn’t have to wait until the next session to get the information.

The encouragement and coaching is key to my sessions with Ray; he gets me to achieve a lot more than I would ever do on my own.


It has been an amazing transformation and journey where I’ve learnt considerable amounts about techniques, the body and more importantly nutrition.   Ray has debunked the many myths I picked up about nutrition and exercises over the years. He has been an absolute professional demonstrating what my body responds to best and in adapting a sustainable lifestyle where I eat well, exercise and constantly challenge my body to do more.  This has not only made me more confident but also more excited about health and fitness in general. I can confidently say that my entire attitude to a healthy lifestyle has changed due to Ray and I have never felt better about myself.





I first started training with Ray a couple of years ago after moving back from the UK following a stint abroad. I’d worked with trainers before with limited success – I generally felt I was being offered a cookie-cutter program rather than something considered and tailored, so Ray was a bit of a last roll of the dice with a PT.


It was immediately obvious that Ray was going to be different. He listened attentively when discussing my goals (strength and stamina for running and body composition), was personable and polite - and most importantly paid close, focussed attention when it actually came to working together on the program.


That level of focus did not diminish throughout my two years working with Ray, during which time he coached me through a successful marathon (4’20”, wearing Vibram barefoot shoes) and helped me sustain a consistent level of fitness and motivation despite my extremely demanding work and travel schedule.


If my circumstances had not changed such that that it was no longer practical to see Ray I would most certainly still be working with him; I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Paul Robinson


Business Owner

I started training with Ray after a couple of friends had recommended him and I realised he was based locally near my work. I was 53 years young and coming off the back of a second knee replacement surgery and felt it was time to start training again having put on a lot of weight as a result of the operation. 


What I noticed most straight away when I started with Ray was his eye for detail and his ability to motivate me in to getting back into the swing of training regularly. He built my program around my ability to do certain exercises, which was very limited to start with given I have had various injuries and restrictions over the years. It didn't take long until I started to notice the difference.


I started at one of the heaviest weights I have ever been, 106kg to be precise, and had set myself a goal of being under 90kg by my 55th birthday, which seemed like a huge task. Along with a lot of nutritional and lifestyle changes that Ray was able to educate me on, I hit my target within a year, turning 55 at 89.5kg and 16% body fat lighter! And I am not done. I now train 5 times a week and really enjoy getting the workouts done, and I could never imagine going back to where I was before. I move better, feel better and according to my wife, I look better as well….I honestly couldn't recommend Ray more to anyone looking to turn their health and fitness around, no matter what age you are or what ability you currently have.